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Studying disease knowledge and attitudes

To raise the public’s awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, the patients’ cause and that of their families, in collaboration with the patients’ associations.

Context and issues

Alzheimer’s disease creates fear, and the public’s view of the disease and the people suffering from it isolates patients and their families even more. The public’s awareness of the patients’ cause and that of their families must be reinforced, in collaboration with the patients’ and health professionals’ associations, which are already working hard in this direction.
Social solidarity must be developed further by publicising the efforts of those who assist and support patients: carers, health and medico-social professionals and patients’ associations.


  • Carrying out a qualitative survey to understand non-specialists’ degree of knowledge and the attitudes of the general public and of health professionals to the disease.
  • Measuring and monitoring the development of the population’s attitudes and knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease by representative surveys (including questions in the INPES health survey, the Baromètre santé).

Lead supervision : the National Institute for Prevention and Health Education (Institut national de prévention et d’éducation pour la santé, INPES)
Supervision : IPSOS santé
Partners : the Directorate General for Health (Direction générale de la santé, DGS), France Alzheimer, Médéric Alzheimer


Qualitative study: preparation
- 1st quarter 2008, fieldwork
- 2nd quarter 2008. Population surveyed: general public, not family carers, first-line health professionals. Use of the INPES framework contract for studies.
Construction of a module of questions to monitor the public’s knowledge and attitudes about Alzheimer’s diseases, the patients suffering from it and the best ways of dealing with it (need for a diagnosis as early as possible) based on the results of the qualitative study. Pilot study to test the module: 2nd half of 2008
Incorporation of the module into the 2009-2010 INPES health survey.


Funding amount: €0.1 million (€70,000 for the qualitative study, €30,000 for the "Alzheimer’s" module test) Sources of funding: State - Ministry of Health - INPES


Publicising the results of the qualitative study (press coverage, tie-in with possible regional conferences)
Improvement in public knowledge and acceptance of Alzheimer’s disease monitored by indicators taken from surveys of the general population
Increase in early diagnosis/decrease in late diagnosis (indicator to be prepared)

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