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Developing clinical research of Alzheimer’s disease and improving evaluation of non-drug therapies

To support the research activities of hospital teams by significantly increasing resources for the hospital clinical research programme (PHRC).
Every year, through a call for tender, the PHRC develops clinical research on priority subjects in health establishments. The development of the research effort into Alzheimer’s and related diseases, and particularly the clinical research effort, is crucial to the success of the plan. Increasing the PHRC budget will support clinical research in hospitals into the disease.
The projects presented by hospital teams for the PHRC may cover subjects such as adapting diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and related diseases or the quality of care and the quality of life of patients and carers.
The projects must also involve non-drug therapies, which must be better known and better evaluated.

Context and issues

Clinical research into Alzheimer’s disease, whose mechanisms are still only partially known, must be amplified considerably.


Description of the measure
Placing Alzheimer’s disease (and related diseases) at the heart of the PHRC’s priorities from 2008 to 2012 inclusive, with a significant increase in the programme’s budget.

Implementation details
The PHRC call for projects is issued every year in a ministerial circular.
After a selection process involving the foundation for scientific cooperation, the health establishments concerned are informed of the research projects chosen by the health ministry and the credits to be allocated for their funding.

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