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44 measures in order to fight Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders

Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders progress inexorably as people age : over 85 years old, 1 woman out of 4 and 1 man out of 5 suffer from them. Faced with this major scientifical, medical and social challenge, the President of the French Republic launched on 1rst february 2008 the "plan Alzheimer 2008-2012". Centered on the person with the disease and his or her family helpers, the plan aims at unprecedently developping research, facilitating a timely diagnosis and taking a better care of the person and his or her helpers.

National plan for Alzheimer 2008-2012

Improving quality of life for patients and carers

Objective 1: Increasing support for carers

Objective 2: Strengthening coordination between all actors involved

Objective 3: Enabling patients and their families to choose support at home

Objective 4: Improving access to diagnosis and care pathways

Objective 5: Improving residential care for better quality of life for Alzheimer’s disease sufferers

Objective 6: Recognising skills and developing training for health professionals

Knowledge for action

Objective n°7: Making unprecedented efforts in research

Objective n°8: Organising epidemiological surveillance and follow up

Mobilising around a social issue

Objective n°9: Providing information for general public awareness

Objective n°10: Promoting ethical considerations and an ethical approach

Objective n°11: Making Alzheimer’s disease a European priority